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We’re Prepared For Amazing Things To Happen

October 19, 2007

Hello world. We are lakelia and bakinakwa, and this is our blog.

We’re doing this for ourselves, as a way of keeping track of every thing we come to know by writing short reflections after each and every one. From films to hikes to restaurants to road trips and all points in-between, this is a window to our world.

We tend to have rather eclectic taste, so don’t be surprised if one day we’re writing about the latest low-brow Hollywood blockbuster and the next some serious (lakelia might say plotless) obscurity by some director few have heard of.  The title of this intro, for instance, comes from our namesake, Miranda July‘s 2005 pure joy Me And You And Everyone We Know, which we’ll probably get around to writing about at some point.

We hope that if you catch us on a day we’re discussing something you’re familiar with, or if we write something that inspires or provokes you, you’ll add to our blog by leaving a comment.  Dialogue with others is another reason we’re doing this.

Thanks for visiting.  Stay tuned…